We all are well aware of the fact that safety is a major concern in these days. House burglaries, invasion, assaults, robberies, terror threats are quite common and lives are always at high risk. It is important to safeguard yourself and your family as much as you can. There are companies, which provide shelter systems to be protected in any adverse conditions. Northwest Shelter Systems (NWSS), offers a superior quality service in offering the secure systems all over North America. We have been providing the shelter places since 1990 and are leading the market now, by our dedicated and consistent effort in rendering the best quality work. Our company constructs a concrete underground shelter, which imparts complete protection in any mishap.

As, we understand that the service provided by us is for life saving, so we have all the employees handpicked as per their unmatchable skills and expertise. One can contact us for underground shelter construction using concrete, steel, and other strongest materials. This type of safe house is considered as the strongest and most protected in any sort of condition. The walls created by us are minimum 12 inches thick and the whole unit is buried minimum 6 feet beneath the earth. Apart from the bunkers, our services include, concrete filled blast doors, Lunor NBC filtration systems, blast resistant hatches, concrete filled vault blast doors, etc. These helps a family to be secured against the blast, nuclear or biochemical warfare, radiation attack, etc. So, to get our services, check out the bomb shelter prices offered by us, which are the lowest available in the market and get a safe place for you and your family.